“I didn’t come to Amelika to drown” – Nigerian man narrates how he signed up to join US Marines but fled after seeing their training session

A Nigerian man, Akwari Charles has described how he almost turned into a US Marine yet briefly change of psyche.

Charles, who lives in USA, said he visited the recruiters office and proclaimed his advantage to join the marines.

When inquired as to whether he could swim, the young fellow said no yet demonstrated that he would learn if the force offers on-the-job training.

After some question and answers, Charles was then given a form and told to send it through mail after accessing necessary information online.


All seemed well and done for him to join, until he got home and watched a video of the training on YouTube, it was at that moment he had a change of mind.

In his words; ”I remember when I wanted to join the US marines.

I entered the recruiters office and told him of my interest.

He asked why?

I told him, I love the tactical nature of the force and also the leadership experience it presents.

He asked again, can you swim?

In my head, I’m like, “so person gats know how to swim”

I told him no and asked, would there be opportunity for training?

He replied yea ofcourse.

“Okwu a gwula”

Gave me the forms and asked that I accessed it online and send in my documents.

I got home and out curiously I went on YouTube to watch a video of the training.

Then I saw I would have to jump down from a Helicopter in full gear and weapon inside an ocean.

I changed my mind.

Anytime the recruiter calls me back, my heart skips.

I didn’t come to Amelika to drown.”

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