Today, we will be discussing about pre-intimate relationship questions.

Here is the list of questions every woman should ask herself before going into any relationship. If any woman fails to answer these questions correctly before going into an intimate relationship, there is a higher chance of failing in it. Perhaps many relationships fail because they do not answer these questions and provide correct answers to them.

Who am I?

If you cannot answer the question regarding you; you are most likely to fail to go into any intimate relationship for whatever reason you do. You must know your strengths, weaknesses, and temperament combinations.

What Works for me?

Knowing who you are will also help you to know what works for you. If you are not able to answer it correctly, you will fail to go into an intimate relationship.

Am I happy being Single?

If you are not happy as a single person, you will never be happy in any relationship. Relationship, if it is anything, is to enhance what you have already. If you do not have happiness already, there will be nothing to enhance. In the end, you will be disappointed, because you will end up

expecting too much from your partner. This is not the same as being as comfortable as a single person. That you are happy in a situation does not mean you are comfortable with it.

What do I want from my relationship?

This is the same as asking what you want from your man. You must be sure what you want from the relationship, which you feel coming together with your man will bring, with or without his efforts.

What type of man do I want?

Note that if it is a marriage-focused relationship, you must be able to define your type of man based on who you are. You must have certain values and for you to chose a man, you must understand your values are the same. If your values are not the same, it is only a matter of time before you crash or continue to live in misery all your life.

What do I want from my man?

This must be answered, not only that, your expectations must be well spelled out to your partner and written down if possible. If you fail to do so, you may expect to meet with failure.

Why does my partner want the relationship?

You must be able to find out what the man that comes for you wants from the relationship. If it does not tally with what you want from it, there is no need for it. Two can’t work together lest they agree.

Am I willing to give what my partner needs?


Even if a man comes for you, because of what he can get that you don’t even have to consciously give, such as beauty and amazing personalities such as fame and intelligence; understand that he will ask for things which you have to consciously give. These must be what he wants, not just what you want to give. If you are not ready to give such, the relationship won’t work.

What will I not give for the relationship to work and why?


It is as important to know what your partner needs that you are going to give, but it is also important you know what you will not give too. Moreover, you

need to also ask your partner or intending partner what will he never give and why. If you can answer these questions and you can still go on, then you may have no issues.

What are his worst weaknesses and can I live with them even if he does not work on them?


This is the most important of all the questions. Strengths can sometimes be drenched in weaknesses, much so they will disappear and only the weaknesses will be seen. Generally in a relationship, you and your partner are like pieces of puzzles, in which your strong point must be able to fit into his weak point and you both get better. You must not only choose a man based on the qualities, but also for the fact that you can manage each other’s weaknesses without any issues.


You have to be able to live with certain weaknesses that may never change, even if others do. If you do not have this state of mind that you may have to live with certain weaknesses that may never change, then you are not ready for marriage. You may just become a single parent and never get married. It is also a choice.



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