Today, we are going to be discussing 17 useful tips for successful online dating.

Much has been said about online dating, you have been given the
rules and if you play by them, you will make headways and succeed
in your Online Dating. However, it depends on what you want. Below
are useful tips that could help you stay safe and get the best from your

1. Don’t Expect Too Much
This is key in any relationship – you should cut down your expectations. You do not expect your partner to be perfect and even though some people understand this, they can’t avoid being disappointed in meeting their partners for the first time. Always realize that there are so many things that you might
never know about your online partner until you meet, such as, height, scars on the body, body posture and walking style, hygiene, and the likes.

It is only safe to talk about these things and not expect more than you need to. Just imagine your partner to be the worst in all these things; if you can
deal with that, then you will have a good relationship. But if you can’t cope, you might consider quitting; to avoid eventual disappointment, when you must have invested so much into it.

2. Be Unique, Decent and Specific in Your Profile

Everyone “likes to have fun,” Everyone “likes hanging out with friends,” “listening to music,” and “going out.” So tell people something they don’t already know about you. Being specific helps you stand out and it also gives an easy conversation opener.

It should go without saying that mentioning an ex or how bad a past relationship was is a definite no-no when writing an online profile, but in the same vein, negative language (anything that starts with: “I hate,” “I don’t like,” “I don’t know”) all sound lame and casts a shadow over you, too.

3. Only respond to people who interest you

If you post a flattering photo and write a unique and upbeat profile, chances are you’ll get lots of responses from potential suitors. DO NOT respond to all of them. Only pick the ones who truly appeal to you to reply to. This must be
based on some things you know about them and not just guess. You need to take your time to study men on your Friends list, so if the one you already approves in your heart based on the qualities you see hooks you up, you can go on and chat with him. For all the others, no message is the message and it’s a lot kinder and faster than saying, “Hmm, no thanks.”

4. Keep your Emails/Messages Brief

A general rule of thumb: two paragraphs are ideal; respond to something that was shared with you; share something new about yourself; ask at least one question the other person can answer, and leave plenty to talk about for your
first date.

5. If there’s Interest, Meet in Person Quickly

Respond to messages within a day or two and make plans to meet up in person after you’ve exchanged a handful of messages. If it’s been three weeks or months and you’re still emailing someone you haven’t made plans to meet, then what you’ve got is a pen-pal and there’s probably a reason things haven’t progressed past that. If you are about an Online Dating, it is
only important to meet in person, this will help you know and bees sure if you really want the person and also avoid wasting time, if he does not have the physical appearance of someone you want.

6. Protect Your Privacy

Keep your address, place of employment, and other personal information to yourself until you’ve gone out on at least a couple dates. It is important to keep all those things to be on the safe side of the game. If you reveal where
you work too early and it suggests that you make much money, there is a high possibility of you falling prey to fraudsters or even keeping them close to you.

7. Exchange of Recent Pictures & Video calls

Some people consider a man asking for pictures online to be a fraudster, but it is not true, if at all not at all times. Posting and exchanging pictures every
day or just twice a week is necessary for Online Dating. It brings the feeling that one’s partner is around, every day.

Do not send an enhanced photo of you, chances are you have one fantastic photo of yourself that was taken at just the right angle where you look ever so slightly like Beyoncé or Jennifer. Don’t send that picture. Send the picture that looks like you — I mean a natural and typical you without any enhancement. 

8. Be Exactly Who You are

If you do not want to build a relationship on lies, which will eventually crash after so much valuable time and resources must have been wasted, it is only important you be yourself. It is good to work on yourself and make yourself who your partner can be proud of, but there is nothing like being your real self. In the end, if the relationship leads to marriage, your partner will eventually see the real you. Marriage is not about seeing the best of the person alone but also helping to manage the worst parts. So you need to be
you and make it obvious that you are always willing to improve on your inherent weaknesses.

9. Meet in Public and Tell At Least One Person About The Details of
Where You Are Going

To stay safe in a first time meeting, since you are not 100% sure the person you are meeting is the person he says he is; meet in a neutral and open place.

It is a very safe thing to do. Also tell some of your friends and family member, where you are going and the time you are expected to return home. Tell them to call you once it is time and you have not shown up at home.

10. Avoid letting your First Date Boring

First impression matters; plan a first that is short, sweet, and low-keyed, like lunch or a coffee date. The last thing you need is to get stuck on some long, drawn-out date with someone who bores you to tears, all irrelevant talks about
self. So use the first date to see if there’s a spark – this can be done in just five minutes and if there is one, you can plan something longer or more intimate for the next time.

11. Avoid Sex on the First Date

Except it is the essence of the hookup, a relationship that may lead to marriage must be handled with a lot of care and patience. To gain a lot of respect from your partner, it should not start with sex on the first date. This
does not mean sex on the first date is bad and will not let the relationship last, but you can’t change men’s mentality on the subject; you can only do what
benefits you.

However, you can ignore this tip if your partner is not one that sees sex with him as an important factor to judge how decent you are. Sex on the first date, especially with the majority of men from African gives the impression of cheapness and lack of morals, even if they beg to have it. It is only safe if you
know who your partner is, from conversations and what his values are. If they include sex, then stay off it on the first date. That is one of the reasons why a in public is recommended.

12. Keep Your Options Open Until

You are Sure Your Partner is Staying
Just because you’ve had a few great email exchanges or even a couple of awesome dates with someone doesn’t mean you should log off the site just yet. People, especially ones who are practically strangers to you have a way of being flakey and can disappear, change their minds, or simply let you down. That’s not to say that won’t happen at any point in your relationship, but there’s a great likelihood of these things happening early on, so keep your
options open until you’re ready to be exclusive.

This is not encouraging you to double date or cheat, but make sure you do not say NEVER to others; you can keep those you like on friend zone and converse.

However, you have to be faithful to your relationship and give it
your best. If your partner decides to work out on you, you may find among your friends, who you can date or who has always shown interest.

13. Don’t play with someone’s feeling

This statement is clear enough and easy to understand: DON’T PLAY WITH SOMEONE’S FEELING”. It is that simple. Let’s say you’ve gotten a few responses to your profile, but no one is your fancy. It’s been a bit of a dry spell for you and you’re feeling a little rusty when it comes to dating, so you figure what’s the harm in going out with one of these people just to oil the engine. The harm is that you’re leading someone on, wasting valuable time -theirs and yours, and creating bad karma in the process. If you know you aren’t interested, move on.

Don’t keep someone on you when you know you are not interested in the relationship. What goes around comes around.

14.Don’t take the Rejection Personally

Rejections happen all the time and are a part of life. Do not take them
personally, even if they happen to you frequently.

Not only can you not be everyone’s type, but there are also plenty of reasons people pass on potential matches that have little to do with the other person. Maybe you look too much like the ex who broke his heart.

Maybe your attitude is bad, work on it. It could also be that you are not the person he wants, based on your physical attributes. You will find someone that finds you attractive, so don’t hang on or take it personally when you are rejected. Work on what could be considered
your flaws and move on.

15. Avoid Appearing Desperate

If you appear too desperate in search of a relationship, then you make yourself the number one target of scammers. I guess this is why it was advised that you should not respond to all messages. Just pick the one that interests you after much study of the person.

If there is anything online scammers know how to read, it is when one is desperate. People who go on dating sites have the highest possibility of being scammed if they appear desperate.

The reason is this: going on dating site already suggest you are in dare need of a relationship, it will only take a little effort to confirm how desperate you are and with that, you have a higher chance of being jilted or defrauded.

16. Know What You Want

Lack of a definite purpose is an affliction with which billions of people suffer from. In Online Dating, the story is not different.

A lot of people do not know
exactly what they want or can define them. They don’t even know if they need that if they think they want. A person without a definite purpose is a problem to him and whoever he comes across.

Going into a relationship without knowing what one wants from it or the exact mental picture of who one wants is a problem. If you want to succeed in anything, talk less of Online Dating, you must have a definite purpose.

Such quality in online dating takes the form of having a list of what you desire in a partner and creating a mental picture of it. This helps you to automatically attract the person that has them, whenever they come around. Although your expectations must be moderate and be things you can offer too, if not you will
never find a mate.

17. Be Willing To Give

In relationships, online or otherwise, you must be willing to give as much as you take. If you do not have what your partner wants, you are not fit, no matter how much you love him. He may just not return the feeling. You need to be sure of what he wants and be willing to provide.

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