Today in this article we would be discussing about understanding the essence of intimate relationship.

A lot of single women do not know the essence of a man and a woman
coming together; this may explain why there is a lot of break-up of
relationships and divorces nowadays. The habit of wanting to get without giving is a fair equivalent is one of the reasons why a lot of relationships crash. When one party is willing to give and the other is just willing to receive and not give; it is only a matter of time before the relationship packs up.

It has already been stated in the preceding chapter that if you must be in a relationship, you must have what to give, which must be what makes sense to your partner and what he desires. This means you have to learn about your partner enough to know what makes sense to him and what doesn’t. In some
cases, you may have to change his perspective on what he values and what he should value.

The majority of women ignorantly believe that marriage is just for two people to come together to make babies while proving how responsible they are to the society by staying married, but while these may not be taken out entirely, marriage goes beyond them. The intimate relationship that is marriage-bond and marriage itself is primarily for two incomplete people to come together and complete each other. This means intimate relationships and marriages should make people better than they were when they are single; there must be a great sense of purpose and fulfillment. If it is otherwise, there is a problem somewhere. The primary essence of marriage is well-defined in the story of how God created Eve out of Adam, documented in Genesis Chapter two of the Bible. If that story is anything to go by, then we may need to refer to it to confirm the fact that the essence of marriage is for two people to come together to help each other better.

According to the story, the first thing God observed was that the man was helpless without a woman and needed help. He then created from his ribs who called “Help-meet.” However, the term Help-meet is not limited to women
only. As a woman is Help-meet to man, so must a man be to her too.

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This is the essence of marriage.
Being help-meet involves helping one’s partner to get better physically, morally, financially and psychologically. In a simple language, the essence of relationship is to support your partner with what he does not have – more like filling the gap for him wherever he is incapable. This leads us to an understanding of the fact that no woman is ready for intimate relationship or marriage if she is not willing to help her man fill in the gap where he is incapable, but he too must do the same.

As husband and wife, there are separate duties to help each other, but as Help-meet, one can undertake anything to help each other. Marriages where the couples see each other as Help-meet and act as such to each other usually last longer and never break up, compared to those that people allow their genders to interfere with their purpose of coming together as partners. 

In the real sense of it, people in intimate relationships or married couples are and ought to be each other’s best partners. Your fiancée or husband should be seen as your number one partner and he should see you like the same too, not inferior. If you have this state of mind and he too does, then you will not have so many frictions that may lead to a break-up or divorce.


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