Many women love to be in an intimate relationship, but not too many of them know that before they go into any of such relationship, they must have what to give; not just what to give or what they think their partner needs, but exactly what they want or/and ask for.

An intimate relationship can be well compared to a business relationship wherein you write a proposal to a company to provide some services/products for them.

The reason you want to provide the service/product is that it may
help you solve your financial problems. To have your proposal considered, you must be sure you are not just offering a service/product, but you are
offering the exact service/product they need.

It is either they are out asking for it, or you discovered they need it and give them the solution. They will gladly accept your proposal and pay the price demanded. This is true about any relationship no matter its nature. You just must have what to offer (that which your partner needs and desires so much), as much as you desire to get what you want from your partner.

The majority of women, especially the religious ones have been trained to be self-centered and get without giving a fair equivalent. They go into
relationships, expecting to be worshiped because they are some sorts of queens; they lack understanding of the word RELATIONSHIP.

What keeps relations going is mutual benefit and it is true of any relationship. Lack of understanding of the basic fact that they have to give as much as they get, and that it must be what their partners want or demand for is the reason why some fully grown, but unwise women take pride in what they call virginity – a state of not being penetrated sexually and feels it is enough for them to get as much as they want in a relationship, without giving a fair equivalent.

They collect all the gifts but do nothing to support him in return and when such a man asks for sex, they begin to demonstrate how godly they are and how sex is a sin. They are cheats.

A relationship is about mutual benefit and no amount of holiness will change this fact. This does not mean a young woman, who is not willing to have sex before marriage should do it, but she must be willing to offer other forms of support other than sex to her man to be sure of being in a relationship; this
must be what your partner wants or demands. If you want to keep your hymen intact and not participate in any form of sexual relation, you may find a man who wants another thing from you other than that, and it must be what you be willing to give to get anything from him in return. 

There are many ways to support one’s partner in a relationship – you may not give him what he wants, because he too may have a distorted view of what he wants, especially concerning sex, but you should look for what he needs
and present it to him. With that, you are in a relationship and only a stupid man will not take you seriously if you do that. Many women go into relationships for what they want only; not necessarily for what they can give.

However, no matter the nature of a relationship, there is no such reality as something for nothing. You must be able to discover and offer what your partner needs.

It must be understood by any single and smart woman going into an intimate relationship that people go into relationships for different wants: money, time,
attention; peace of mind, care, prestige, respect, fame, career goals, sex and many more. A constant supply of wants in a relationship brings marriage into
the picture. No intimate relationship leads to marriage without a constant supply of what one desires or a clear hope that it will come.

If you think any man will marry you without you supplying exactly what he desires/needs or a glimpse of hope that you will, you may remain single for eternity. It is obvious too that you too will not go into a relationship with
someone, except you love the person. What brings love in an intimate relationship is a constant supply of what you need or the hope that it will come.

To enjoy your relationship, it is only smart that after you must have found out a man has what you desire/need and willing to give as much as you want, you should try to know what he needs from you and be willing to give them to him constantly as much as he wants it. It is never wrong to go into a
relationship for what you want. The world will not always give you what you want, and you can’t hold them responsible for it. But you can hold your partner responsible for what you want, only if you give what he wants. That is the essence of being together as lovers, married or not.
There is a need to understand that as much as you expect your partner to give you what you want in a relationship; he expects the same from you too.

This is why you need each other; it is why you are considered compatible! In considering an intimate relationship, it is only smart to choose a man who
wants and values what you have to offer and also have and willing to offer what you desire and want.

That’s what an intimate relationship is about.
If you are not willing and ready to know and offer your partner what he wants in a relationship, as much as you expect of him to do to you, then you are not ready for one. One of the best preparations for an intimate relationship is to
know and be ready to offer what your partner wants from you and it must be what he desires and values.

Lack of understanding of this has left a lot of people having issues in their relationships.


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