Hello readers, in this article we would be talking about the golden rule of intimate relationship.

One of the major reasons why the love that brings about intimate
relationships usually die as fast as it came, hereby bringing about an
eventual break-up is because the majority of people go into
relationships ignoring the golden rule. While some are ignorant of this rule, the majority of people overlook it.

The golden rule of a marriage-bond relationship states thus: before you
decide to settle with someone because of his strengths, be sure you are aware of his weaknesses and that you can live with them if they did not change. Sadly, the majority of people make the mistake of thinking love will
endure without tolerance of weaknesses.

Generally speaking, when it comes to an intimate relationship, such as dating, courting or even marriage, people only look for people’s strengths to compliment them. In the real sense of it, the word “I love you” in such a
relationship often means this: I am in love with your good qualities, and I want to compliment myself with it.

This is why women who are too tall and not too beautiful physically usually go for very handsome and tall men. What they do is to complement themselves with these men, but they often forget that behind the tall and handsome appearance are a lot of weaknesses, which they must learn to live with if they must enjoy the looks and own them.

Many marriages fail based on what they call irreconcilable differences, because of the couple’s inability to tolerate each other’s weaknesses, which are often not shown while one is dating or courting, or even in the early days of marriage.
Marriage is for better and for worse, not because you expect any worse to happen, perhaps they might not, but because as much as you want to identify with your partner’s strengths and use them as bragging rights, you must be willing to live with and tolerate his weaknesses. Your partner’s weaknesses
are the worse been referred to in that statement because if another worse disappoints, your partner’s weaknesses won’t.
If you expect only the best from your partner all the time, without ever imagining that he has his weaknesses that you must help to work on or learn to live with, if you must enjoy their strengths, then you are not ready for dating,
much more marriage. This may explain why the majority of women do not get married until they are well past the age of thirty when it is becoming so obvious that time is running out on them.

Many women ignorantly believe they can meet a perfect man as they watch in movies, who will do all they want, just the way they want them, forgetting that even the actors of such movies do not have such a roller-coaster life outside movies. It is not only stupid to imagine being with a man without
weaknesses; it is also unrealistic because you too are not perfect and behind your beauty that all men admire are weaknesses that your man has to make up with.
You do not deserve a partner until you know and are ready to live with his weaknesses and no one deserves you until the person knows all your weaknesses and is ready to help you work on them or live with them.
Subsequent chapters will present to you a compatibility test questions for an intimate relationship, which will help; you to know your partner and determine if you can live with their weaknesses. There is a rule for this, without which you will fail, it is HONESTY. If any of you lie about yourselves in this questionnaire, you will have your relationship crash before it begins.

In the main, if you love someone so much before you start thinking of dating or settling down with the person, you should know his weaknesses and check if you can live with them. There is no perfect relationship/marriage; it is just a
coming together of two incomplete people to complete each other.

You have to be willing to compromise if you must be in the right relationship.

If you do not compromise and live with someone’s weaknesses in your prime, life will force you to compromise for worse weaknesses in another person when you have passed your prime.

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