Hello, welcome readers to today’s article, today we would be discussing on management of mental picture before a relationship.

Creating and living with the wrong mental picture has kept many women single than many other causes combined because these mental pictures are not realistic and as a result, no man is fitting into them. This means the woman who has created it in her mind; a wrong mental picture may stay single and not be attracted to any man for a long time.

This is more serious than people care to know. The condition of not loving any man, which is common among young women, is often caused by nurturing unrealistic mental pictures of a prospective partner. A wrong mental picture can be compared to a photo frame; if any man does not fit into it, he is automatically disqualified. You will not like or give him a chance; despite you know he is sincerely in love with you.

A mental picture could be based on the look, Height, Dress sense, Fame, Religion, Location, Tribe, Fluency in the use of English, Intelligence, or/and Money. It could be anything at all, especially those qualities that make sense to the majority of people. For instance, if your mental picture is based on the good look, any man who looks less than you desire will automatically not get your likeness, regardless of his other qualities; you won’t even look into them.

If it is money, it means if a man is not rich or appears so, no matter what other great qualities he has and how much he loves you; you may never be drawn to him. Most times you can’t explain why you do not like him, despite you know he’s doing enough. Moreover, the wrong mental picture blinds your eyes from seeing the good qualities of men who do not fit into your mental frame. If you ask some women if they care about money in a relationship, the answer will be NO, but they never fall in love with men struggling financially. The guys who appear broke, but may have great visions that may earn them great riches in the future, do not just get their attention and they can’t tell why. The cause is often a mental picture. This is not in the conscious mind but the subconscious.

Mental pictures are very powerful, especially in intimate relationships; having the wrong one plus the inability to create the right one to attract the right partner is a big problem. Most of these mental pictures are created for the wrong reasons and most likely from the negative suggestions of people and environmental influence. The most common cause is fear of criticism. The majority of people do not go after the person they love or create a wrong mental picture that makes the person unappealing to them.


For instance, a lady who grew up in a home where she is constantly reminded that she’s ugly is most likely to only give handsome men chances in her life. Sometimes she is mentally enslaved to them in what she calls love, even when they mistreat her. She can’t just work away, because her self-esteem depends on handsome men.

It is the same for a woman that grew up in a poor background too. If she’s not trained to be self-dependent and industrious, she’s most likely going to only want to attract rich men, just to prove to her family that she has made the right choice by attracting or/and marrying a rich person. This often causes women to fall into the hands of ritual killers.

It makes women forget that the present financially incapable condition of a man does not mean he is poor and that no woman can make claim on a man’s money except she joined forces together to acquire it with him. This literary means creating a wrong mental picture in the mind, especially based on the financial capability of a man makes women lose their insights.

Creating and living with the wrong mental picture of a prospective lover, keeps the majority of young women single until they have grown past their prime, then becomes desperate to settle down with just any man. This happens because many of them do not understand the essence of an intimate relationship, especially when it is aimed at marriage.

If you ask some single women in their prime what type of men they want, they are most likely to say “I want a tall, intelligent, rich and handsome man”. This picture is registered in their minds and causes more problems for them than they can imagine. As a result, most of them are trapped whenever they find such men who fit in. They think they are in love, but no, they are only in love with their mental pictures, which is now presented in reality and has the potential of either making or ruining their lives. Far from making, a lot of people have been ruined by this; they are trapped and are unable to get out. They think they are in love, but no, they are only being slaves to their mental picture that is now translated into reality.

The truth about this, in the majority of instances, is that while they are entangled to their tall, intelligent, and handsome men, they disregard men that are meant to be their life partners without knowing it. In most cases, they are usually the men that least appeal based on the mental picture created, but those which you may love, but never willing to express or accept the reality of living with. When it comes to an intimate relationship that is expected to lead to marriage, all other qualities may be involved in your mental picture, except physical outlook and riches. Looks are irrelevant in marriages because marriage is to outlive those qualities. Riches too are better enjoyed when you join forces with your man to make it.

You need a man with a vision and desire to be great, not just a rich man and such a man may be the poorest man on earth when you will meet him. If you judge him by his current state, you will miss something great. This does not mean you should get married to someone you are not sexually attracted to or love at all because he has a vision or a definite ambition, sexual attraction and natural love are key in a relationship that is marriage focused, if both are not there, things may not work out.

Creating a physical mental picture of your prospective lover qualifies only those that fit into the metal frame and disqualifies everyone who does not. You will find it easy to deny the love for the man who does not fit into your mental frame or not even likes him at all, even though he may be the right man for you. Considerable numbers of women, who have these sort of mental pictures call it standard and one that they are unwilling to compromise, but it is rather stupid to create the unrealistic one-sided mental picture; one-sided because even if they find the man who fits into their mental pictures, they may not fit into his mental picture and there will be problems.

Men are not objects; they have expectations too and will only go for women that fit into their mental pictures. So even if they fit into yours, if you do not fit into theirs, there will be a serious problem. It won’t work. This is why whenever you are creating a mental picture; avoid physical attributes, because they are of little importance in a life-long relationship. Moreover, if you do not create an unrealistic mental picture based on physical attributes, the sexual attraction will come naturally, regardless of the look, whenever you meet the man that’s made for you. You just will not be able to tell why you love him.


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