This is one serious mistake that many single women make that contributes to the reasons why they remain single longer than necessary and needed and get into bad relationships eventually. They spend so much time in the wrong places, where they do not expect to meet their partners. The majority of women may never get married because they keep the wrong focus.

A lot of single women will say that they can never be involved in online relationships because they do not believe in it. That belief on its own is a limitation that may keep them single for a longer time than necessary, however, the major problem is that they spend so much of their times on social media, even though they aren’t selling any product or personal services and spend lesser or no time meeting new men offline.

Many women make this mistake, they focus their self-promotions on wrong places and if they attract men at all, they often attract the wrong men, who are not interested in the type of relationship they want. This is not a mystery; it is following the law of advertisement.

Take for instance you run a Facebook advert of a product or a service that is good for men only, but when selecting your gender and interests, you selected both genders and interests that appeal to women only. You may get many likes and comments on that advertisement, but you may never get a conversion. This is because people who saw your promotion did not need it.

That’s a huge contradiction, but that’s what the majority of single women do – if you do not believe in online dating, then why should you focus your self-branding on it? If it is just for likes, comments, and shares, you may get them as long as you are still young and beautiful, but they may never get you a real man that will be willing to settle down with you; only gold-diggers.

As a single and smart lady, that wants a marriage-focused relationship, which may start latest from the age of 20 or 22 as the case may be, you must have a target place where you feel your type of man will emerge from and must do the necessary things to attract him to ask you out. This takes only common sense; there is no law for it. If you want to marry a religious person; you are most likely never to get such a man by going to clubs. The best place to promote yourself is your place of worship. If you ever mess around anywhere, make sure it is not known to the people in your place of worship.

However, if you aim to marry a top businessman, who is not necessarily religious, going to clubs may not be a bad idea, but you must conduct yourself well in the club, and not as a call-girl. You will need to also attend seminars, business summits, and make yourself strategically available enough to learn and know more about your target. However, this can also come your way as a result of the connection.

While many women may be involved in targeting the wrong men in their self-promotion, some of them promote themselves only to their families. They rarely go for social events and when they do, they don’t relate with any other person other than their family members and family friends. They are rarely on social media – the only people that know about them and their good qualities are their family members, not even female friends because they don’t keep them. This is common among religious folks, who have been trained not to mix with people to avoid being influenced by them. In their primes, the majority of women still live in their parents’ houses, where they are locked in the rooms and are monitored.

No matter how good your product or service is if it is not seen by people who need it, it is as good as useless. This may explain why many women keep praying for husbands but never get one. Even if God is to give you husband, you must make yourself available to be seen by him, before he will make a move on you.

The truth is that no one can tell where one’s life partner will come from, but awhile you may have a focus where you think he will come from, keeping your options open and understanding that your man can come from anywhere is the best option. This does not mean you will be available to everyone, but it will help you attract your man even if he’s in the wrong place at that moment.


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