Relationship: Building Your Capacity

Hello today in this article we would be discussing about building your capacity before going into an intimate relationship.

Capacity building is a very vital part of self-development; it involves
acquiring the form of education that helps to develop your potentials
in connection with your passion either via learned skills or the use of talents and put them into the right use. This ought to be the reason why people go to colleges and Universities. 

According to Napoleon Hill, the meaning of the word Educate, from which education is derived was taken from the Latin word Edukos, which means “to induce, (draw forth or develop) from within”. What is there to draw out from within? They are potentials; emotions, will,talents and passions.

A major fault of our system of education that is also responsible for the shortage of leaders is that it rarely teaches the students to develop their potentials and liberate their passions concerning them, much less help them in other aspects of self-development.
Education has been grossly misunderstood to mean attending a particularly recognized higher institution of learning, such as the University. It is not true!

However, no one should misunderstand my stance on this to mean that the University or any other higher institution is useless.
Many people ignorantly believe they are not educated, because they never become students or graduates of any higher institution of learning, among which the university unquestionably belongs. They go through life suffering
from an inferiority complex, falsely believing limited schooling, especially without a University certificate to mean limited education. They are the creators of their predicaments, because of ignorance of the meaning of

What is education?
Education is the discovery and development of self and the whole being through learning and putting to work what has been learned. This may lead us to another truth, which is: many of the courses offered in some of the Higher Institutions are more or less useless because they do not help develop “self” a vital part of which is the mind and whole being of the students. Moreover, no woman is a person of education until she begins to put to work
that which has been learned. If this is anything to go by, then we will be right to say that the majority of the University graduates, aside from the
unavailability of jobs, are uneducated.

Building your capacity means that youneed to acquire the type of education that helps you discover and developyour potentials: emotions, talents, and passions. You may not need to be a
university student to acquire this sort of education. For instance, if you have passion for Fashion Designs, you only need to go
to a school of fashion design, if you have passion for cooking, go to a catering school, if you have passion for acting or anything related to arts and crafts, go and study the Theater Arts or go to a Movie Academy, if you are a writer, opt-in for Writing Classes. They are everywhere online. You may also need
to learn skills that relate to your passion and potentials, not just any skill if you must be sure of not becoming to liability to your man.
Capacity Building gives you the potential of earning you living independently, help you raise your partner when he’s financially down, and also help you be financially stable if the relationship packs up. It means you do not need to
always depend on your man for financial assistance. This will earn you the respect of any sane man.
Going into an intimate relationship without a talent, skill, or occupation that earns you living or has the potential of doing so suggests that you will become a liability to your man. No man wants to marry a liability! Learn some skills;
develop your capacity! Even if you are not making money, your developed capacity means your man can invest in you and reap the dividends of such investment in you.

The majority of these skills can be acquired without you ever becoming a university student. Because they are forms of education, which helps develop
your “self”– what you have within, they are not less to courses that are studied in the universities. In reality, they are more important than them in most cases.


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