In this article we would be discussing about Investing In Self-Discovery

The beginning of becoming a single and smart woman is self-discovery
and development. You need to find out who you are, why you are who
you are, develop, and know what works for you if you must have a
chance of succeeding in any marriage-focused relationship. This will help you to know how you and your prospective partner could cope best and cohabit in peace and harmony.
The major problem the majority of women face is that they do not even know who they are, much less what works for them; it makes it difficult for their partners, who may be frustrated and leave in the end. The majority of women live on public opinion and creates expectations from their partners based on these public opinions without having discovered and developed themselves. This information is easily conveyed through the following statement; if you do not know who you are, you will not know what works for you. And if you do not know what works for you, you are going to depend on public opinion of right and wrong to define your life. With that, you will be a disaster for any man you are with. Moreover, this may also mean that you will miss out on the
right man for you. When you do not know yourself and what works for you, you will be misplaced
and even though many men come for you, the right man will never come. You may have a lot of men wooing you, but you may be so sure you don’t have the right man among them. If the right man eventually comes; there is a huge possibility that you will not recognize him. He is most likely to be the person
that will appeal to you the least because your expectations are not what you need; they are what the society creates for you, because you do not know yourself and what works for you.
The age between 16 and 20 is an age that any woman must spend to develop and discover her “self”. For a single woman to be ready for an intimate relationship, she must have discovered and developed herself, at least by 70% within this age range. However, being mentally ready for an intimate relationship at this age does not mean you have to be in one. Any single woman within this age 16 to 23 must be able to do certain things by herself, know what she needs and why she needs them before she is qualified to go into any relationship. Many young women within this age range
within this age, who go into relationships can’t tell what they want it; they just don’t want to be lonely. If being single makes you insignificant and lonely, much so that you suffer from low self-esteem, especially between ages 16
and 28, then you are not ready for an intimate relationship, because the duty of your partner is not to always be with you and your entire happiness should not come from him.


The essence of an intimate relationship is majorly to compliment that which you already have with your partner’s qualities while you must be willing to
give as much as you receive. This comes through self-discovery and
development. If you do not have what could be complimented or can be a compliment to your partner’s qualities, then you are not ready for an intimate relationship; you are not a smart single. If you go into a relationship like that, you will be a liability and it is only a matter of time before you crash out; no man wants to be in a relationship with a liability, except as a tool.
The majority of single women from ages 18 to 20, despite must be mentally ready for intimate relationships have no business going into one, because they lack the most essential quality required to be involved in one self￾discovery and development. This is why they often appear like liabilities and
wants men to always give them time and attention all the time without them willing to give anything in return for it.
Before you may be qualified for an intimate relationship, you must first have peace and happiness being single. If you do not have peace being single, you will not have them in any intimate relationship, no matter what you get from it. Peace and happiness come from self-discovery and development, plus an
understanding of the purpose of an intimate relationship.

Self-discovery involves the discovery of your potentials: passions, talents,
temperaments, strengths, weaknesses, and many more. These are the cores of your personality. If you do not discover and develop them, you will never
discover your place in life much more; know the type of man that best fit for you. Self-discovery makes identifying the man, made for you relatively easy, without it you are in for a difficult task. If you think the essence of this book is only for you to attract the man that will
live his life worshiping you, without you giving anything in return, you are in for the wrong book! You may have to settle for a dummy. Before you think of branding, you must be sure you have a product or a service that will benefit your consumers. The same thing applies to, branding yourself for relationships. If you have the mindset of getting without giving a fair equivalent, then this book is not for you. You don’t brand emptiness!
The reason why self-discovery and development must precede personal branding is no more mystery. It is simply because you must have something beneficial to offer before you can call for consumers that will pay the price
demanded to procure it. If your branding is very good, but your product is bad, you will attract buyers who will come only because your branding is attractive,
but will stop once they have realized your product is not as good as portrayed.
Mind you, your product does not have to be the best, but it must be beneficial and serve the need of your consumers.
Lack of understanding of this strategy is the reason why the majority of women are used and dumped. If you find out that men come to you easily and leave quickly after it appears they have gotten what they want from you,
then you may be sure that your product (you) are not as good as your branding, no matter how poor the latter may be.
Nothing is without a cause, but most times we complain about the effects without taking time out to check the causes. There are a lot of women who in their primes attracted the best men possible, who are willing to do anything
to marry them based on their branding, but left almost immediately when they
realized the products are detrimental to them. Only a fool spends money to buy problems, having understood it is a problem. This means that no amount
of personal branding will take the place of self-discovery and development.
And at the same time, self-discovery and development cannot take the place of personal branding. One is not complete without another.

The majority of single women seem to be more interested in their looks than in self-development. That is not a smart move. They spend so much on clothing, shoes, and bags, and waste so much time applying makeup, but a lot of them do not care about their self-development. Looking at women’s lack
of interest in self-development, it is no surprise therefore that they have been reduced to nothing more than just sex toys. This is not to discourage women from looking good, but to make them understand that the real beauty is in self-development, others are just aesthetics.
The lives of many women, concerning self-development, could be compared to putting trashes in well-designed packages. They exhaust a lot of effort and
time, trying to look good and forget totally that looking good is just an invitation to their persons who are left undeveloped. This is one of the many reasons why many men do not fancy trusting their girlfriends or wives with their decisions or consulting them before making decisions. It is another reason
why some men cheat on their wives and consider them, in most cases,
A woman, who does not invest in her self-development, has in one way lost her ability to influence her man’s decisions. She is a flop, as far as being a woman is concerned. Any man, who trust such a woman with his decisions perpetuate his destruction. Do not misunderstand it! Men love to see beautiful
women, and no woman should be tempted to supplant looking good with self￾development. Such a woman will also fail in her ability to attract men, much more influence her man’s decision.
Truly, men are moved by what they see, but what can hold a man down goes beyond good looks. It consists of both good looks and other essential qualities, the chief of which is self-development. A beautiful woman that does
not develop her mind and use her brain, through conscious self-development is not more valuable than a sex doll, regardless of how tight her self-branding
Self-discovery and development may and often have nothing to do with how much of schooling a woman has or what certificate she processes. School or
certificates are most times immaterial as far as self-discovery and development are concerned. In this age; an age of over-information, there are many ways to be educated without attending any school. Acquiring education has been made so easy that going to school seems the longest route to acquire it at times.

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