Understanding Marriage

Hello, today in this article we would be discussing on understanding marriage.

Literally, marriage is considered to be a legal union of a man and a woman to live together and make a family. However, it is deeper than that. Marriage is the sealing of one vital part of the equilateral triangle
without which a successful life may be much more difficult to attain or never be attained at all. This part is called “love life”.

There are two others, they are
as follows: spiritual life and career.
Sighting the significance of love life, the sealing of which is marriage, I once wrote: “Anybody, from the age of 23 and above that is proud of being single or that has never being involved in an intimate relationship before then and flaunts it has a serious problem and needs urgent psychological help.”

Thousands of people read it and felt I just wanted to be controversial to gain attention. But it was real! I did not talk about the physical state of being single; I talked about the mental state, which is reflected in the physical because it
determines it.


I was talking from the perspective of the understanding of marriage, concerning which the majority of those who read that post is unpardonably ignorant. Judging from the fact that only nuns do not have a love life, if a woman is not a nun and she’s not mentally ready for a marriage-focused relationship at that age, there is a problem. Many young women that struggle in an intimate relationship know what marriage is not and use it as an alibi for their inability to get their love lives right, but they have no idea what marriage is. What changed my view on marriage and made me begin to take my love life seriously was because I moved from knowing what marriage is not to know what it is.

To prove the importance of love life, history is filled with stories of women that dropped down from the top of their careers, to which they devoted all their lives, because of a mistake which a well-groomed love life would have helped them correct. If you do not tidy up your love life while you concentrate all your efforts on building your career, you are most likely to destroy that which you have built already, including your spiritual life. Love life is and ought to be taken seriously as a career if you do not have a plan to be a nun. It is not less
important. This is not to make you so desperate about marriage, no. Being desperate for marriage is a blunder that could ruin your love life and extend the damage to other aspects of your life.
However, for you to be able to get your love life right, you must ask yourself these significant questions:
Who – who am I and who will I fit in with?
Why- why do I need an intimate relationship or marriage?
What – what do I have to offer and what do I want from an intimate
Where – where is the right place to attract the right partner?
To be able to answer all these significant questions, you need self-discovery
and development, especially regarding WHO & WHAT.

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  1. I think this is a great platform where we can learn a lot about love, sex as well as relationships

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