Knowing When To Be Ready For Intimate Relationship

Hello readers in this article we would be discussing how to know when to be ready for intimate relationship.

It has been said that the prime of any woman is between the ages of 16 to 28. This means that women must be mentally ready for a serious relationship from the age of 16. This does not mean a woman must be in a relationship at that tender age. Mental readiness means to prepare one’s mind in readiness for something that one wants or that which will happen. It means, in a simple term that a lady of that age should begin to live in the consciousness of the fact that she will get married one day and carry herself in such a manner that will increase her chances of attracting the right partner. Large numbers of single women think the only time to be mentally ready for a serious relationship is when they are ready for marriage, in the majority of instances, when age has gone past them. This is why they have difficulties attracting the right partners and also have marital issues and end up divorcing, even after they manage to get married. Worst still, the majority of them decide to go to school and focus strictly on their academics, without giving attention to their relationships, believing it is a sign of mediocrity. Such women usually find it hard to attract the right men and will ignorantly conclude that men are scared of their academic level. Most single women spent their primes in school, without being mentally ready for a marriage focused relationship.

After their primes, most of which they spent in school, have gone by, it is only more difficult for them to attract men,
because, at that age, men already believe women are desperate, but their cases could be worse because their academic attainment will mean they will have to do more to convince men that they will respect them in a relationship.

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A female of 16 is no longer a small girl; she is and ought to be considered a woman and she should be mentally ready for serious relationship that will
lead to marriage, even if she’s not physically ready for one at that age. This only means she must be groomed to know that she has to carry herself that will earn her men’s respect and make them think about marriage to her when the time is right, rather than just being used as a sex toy. It is all in the state
of mind – mentality.

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