How to best apply for Switzerland visa in Nigeria in 2021

Apply for Switzerland visa in nigeria in 2021

Today, we are going discussing how to best apply for Switzerland visa in nigeria in 2021.

For any meaning traveller to the boss non-associating nation in the world, Switzerland, or Swiss confederation situated in western Europe, regardless of being home to many United Nation headquarters there is no free entry, hence be ready to acquire a visa to enter.

In this article we would put to writings how you can go about applying for a swiss visa.

Type Of Visa You Can Obtain when you apply for Switzerland visa in nigeria in 2021

    • Transit visa,
    • Tourist visa,
    • Conference visa
    • Business visa
    • Visiting visa
    • Cultural visa
    • Medical Treatment visa.
    • Student visa
    • Employment visa
    • Family reunion visa
    • Relocation visa

Where to apply for Switzerland visa in nigeria in 2021

Know that all your consular inquires and visa application should be channeled through the Swiss government office in Abuja.

Note the following if you want to apply for Switzerland visa in nigeria in 2021

  1. You cannot apply for Switzerland visa in Lagos.
  2. All your transactions should be by appointment.
  3. Furthermore, it is possible to fast-track an application procedure for urgent medical purposes.
    There is a special form for this: Online Application form for the urgent appointment for medical or humanitarian reasons.

Check out this application site

How To Apply For Switzerland Visa In Nigeria In 2021

Download the Switzerland application form online or obtain one at the Swiss Embassy. (Note that the form is free of charge)
2. Carefully complete the visa application form and sign it personally.
3. Includes the following documents:

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Requirements To Apply For Switzerland Visa In Nigeria In 2021

  • 1. Your International passport with at least 3 months validity and unused visa pages.
  • 2. All your previous passport valid, expire or cancelled.
  • 3. Photocopy of the data page of your passport.
  • 4. Photocopy of previous visas in your passport or refusal history.
  • 5. Two recently acquired passport sized photographs with white background.
  • 6. Police clearance certificate.
  • 7. Health insurance certificate with a minimum of € 30,000 covering all the Schengen area effective through your period of stay in Europe.
  • 8. Evidence of hotel reservation for the duration of your stay in Switzerland.
  • 9. Evidence of flight booking indicating the airline, departure and arrival dates (Please note that you are not expected to buy tickets in advance until you obtain the visa)
  • 10. Basic travelling allowance sufficient to cover your entire stay in Switzerland.
  • 11. An employee travelling must present a letter of introduction from his employer, stating your designation, nature of employment, your annual take home, your leave letter starting and resumption dates.
  • 12. If you’re self-employed, your tax return, original of your business incorporation certificate, your company bank statement for the last 3 months duly stamped and signed by the Bank.
  • 13. A clear written statement stating the purpose of visit.
  • 14. An under-age person travelling alone or accompanied by parents or guardian must present the following:
    • Separate visa application form signed by both parents.
    • Letter of consent from the parents
    • His original international passport.
    • The child’s original birth certificate.
    • Photocopy of the parent’s identity card or residence card or data page of the parent’s passports.
    • The parent’s bank account statement.
    • Letter of attendance from the child’s school and permission to travel
  • 15. Additional requirements for business travellers to apply for Switzerland visa in nigeria in 2021:
    • Letter of invitation from the organization or your business partner in Switzerland.
    • The must come on the company’s letter headed paper include all your details, and stating the duration and purpose of your visit.
    • Photocopy of the company’s certificate of incorporation
    • Evidence of your recent business dealings with the company in Switzerland.
    • Evidence if the company is going to be responsible for your accommodation and financial support.
    • The letter of invitation must be signed and sent by email to
    • The email must arrive at the embassy before the appointment date.
  • 16. Additional requirements for applicant travelling on an invitation
    • Letter of invitation from your relative or friend in Switzerland
    • Proof of your relationship.
    • Photocopy of the person’s Swiss passport, identity card or residence permit.
    • The letter of invitation must state the duration and reason for your visit, and signed by the host.
    • It must be sent by email to before the appointment date.
  • 17. Additional requirements for an applicant on medical treatment to apply for Switzerland visa in nigeria in 2021;
    • Medical appointment from a hospital in Switzerland.
    • An official letter explaining that the Hospital is ready and capable of performing the medical treatment the applicant is searching for.
    • A written report from your personal doctor in Nigeria explaining the reasons for urgent medical treatment in Switzerland.
    • Evidence of advanced payment for the treatment, accommodation and additional insurance coverage.
  • 18. Additional requirements for a Student visa
    • Letter of admission or acceptance of an offer from a University or College in Switzerland.
    • Original and photocopy of your birth certificate.
    • Evidence of payment of school fees ( part or full payment)
    • A written statement of facts why you want to come to Switzerland to study.
    • If you’re under sponsorship – Letter of sponsorship from your sponsor.
    • Your sponsor’s Bank account statement for the last 6 months duly stamped and signed by the Bank.
    • Proof of sufficient funds to finance you throughout your studies in Switzerland.
    • A written statement signed by you that you will return to your country after graduation.
    • Any other documents as may be required by the embassy.
    • Please note that you will attend a visa interview for the student visa.

After the compilation and gathering of the required documents, you’re to submit them personally at the Switzerland embassy.

Please note the following before submission:

  1. Payment of Visa application processing fee at the visa application centre.
  2. All the documents you’re submitting must come with a set of photo copies.
  3. Ensure that all the documents you’re submitting are completed, genuine and duly signed by you.
  4. Be sure you appear personally for biometric fingerprint scans at the submission centre. Unless you have done it within the last 59 months.


Please note that it is mandatory for you to book an appointment prior to the submission of your visa application.

Take note, from the time you’re planning your appointment that the procedure for the visa takes 15 days.

To book an appointment before you apply for Switzerland visa in nigeria in 2021;

  1. You can send email to this address:

Furthermore, on your appointment day ensure you arrived at least 10 minutes before the times.


  • Embassy of Switzerland,
    No. 157, Adetokunbo Ademola Crescent,
    Wuse II,
  • Telephone numbers:
    +234 9 22 00 400- 01 – 02
    +234 9 810 411 9945 – 46
    Email address:

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