How to obtain a Cyprus residence permit and passport

In this article we going to be discussing how to obtain Cyprus residence permit and passport.

How to obtain a Cyprus residence permit and passport

There are some disarray about the new estimates the government has taken to guarantee that foreigners (non-EU individuals) get a residence permit and even Cypriot (EU) citizenship through real estate. Inhabitants of third nations (for example non-EU nations, for example, Russians, Ukrainians, Iranians, and so on) who were keen on buying real estate in Cyprus presently have a reward.

Immigration permits comparable to a permanent residence permit can be gotten by third-nation nationals getting real estate in Cyprus worth in any event EUR 300 000. Such people are not dependent upon the tedious methodology of third-nation nationals who presently require consular visas, extended residence permit, return permits, and candidates are invited when purchasing a house, and so forth

In any case, such permits will be given by the Minister of the Interior, given that the candidate has no criminal record and has a comparable sum (around EUR 20,000 for each couple per year) of guaranteed salary obtained from abroad and not from employment or self-employment in Cyprus.

This classification of candidates isn’t consequently qualified to apply for a Cypriot passport however may apply for a Cypriot visa/citizenship following a stay of 7 years. A permanent residence permit will be given to qualified people who can demonstrate that they wish to emigrate to Cyprus. Therefore, despite the fact that the application can be made after the procurement of real estate, the specialists must be “persuaded” that the candidate (or his family) has lived in Cyprus for in any event a half year (state 185 days/year), however this may not be carefully authorized. And that further examination/explanation is required). The candidate may travel abroad for his business, and so forth, yet this is a reality.

For instance, he may not buy a home and afterward live abroad for a sum of over 185 days per year. On the off chance that the candidate ships his family and minors (younger than 21) who are permanently residence here to Cyprus, this is an acceptable proof (kids go to local-foreign schools, and so on)

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Other parameters;

  1. Individuals invest into horticultural, fisheries, and livestock farms, if they have obtained comparable land and have a capital of around € 430,000.
  1. A mining undertaking given that it has a free capital of EUR 350 000, given that a mining permit is ensured.
  1. Some other organization aiming to invest into Cyprus for EUR 260 000, given that it can get such a business certificate from the specialists.
  1. Business or profession, if the candidate has adequate value capital and, if essential, is in Cyprus.

Representatives of any organization given that they can demonstrate that their work won’t be in clashing conditions in the field of work performed.

  1. This is the situation for outsiders who don’t work in Cyprus yet remain here as tourists and have a yearly pay of € 10,000 for every individual. This pay can be gotten from annuities, intrigue, stores, and so forth
  1. Whatever other candidate whose choice is made by the Minister of the Interior and who doesn’t fall into the above classes, and provided that the issue of the permit doesn’t have any negative ramifications for the Cypriot populace, for example guardians of foreign residents who might not have enough yearly pay.
  1. Approved people dwelling abroad should enter Cyprus within one year of the issue of the permit. In the event that the candidate gets a license however lives abroad for a very long time, he may lose his permanent residence status.


All the candidate’s dependents (spouse, minor youngsters – that is as long as 21 years old) can likewise get a permanent residence.

A permanent resident can apply for a Cypriot passport/citizenship after 7 years. For this situation, it will be treated as local without limitations.

Acquiring a Cypriot passport/citizenship. This proposition is presently affirmed under an exceptional procedure (naturalization) in light of economic criteria, yet the joint proposition proposes:

(I) The candidate must have an immediate Investment in Cyprus of at least EUR 25 million. (eg real estate, industrial facilities, land, businesses, and so forth) OR

(ii) The candidate must set up a local Co/Cos with a yearly turnover of at least 85 million. EUR. for the year going before his application. OR

(iii) the candidate presents new imaginative Cypriot innovative ventures, including research centers. He should demonstrate that the candidate has embraced such exercises for a huge scope and in territories of imperative significance to the Cypriot economy, or that he has set up a large local research center. OR

(iv) it has individual deposits with Cypriot banks (or money stores oversaw by Co) adding up to EUR 17 million at least.


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