Top insurance companies in Canada for life and property

In this article, we would be showing you the top insurance companies in Canada for life and property.

With regards to life and property insurances, a couple of companies have much preferred reputation over their rivals. In case you’re keen on getting a quality life and property insurance product, you might need to look at what these companies have to bring to the table.

Great-West LifecoAllstate
Manulife FinancialAviva
Sun Life FinacialBelairdirect
Industrial AllianceCaa
Power FinancialDesjardins Home Insurance


The company has topped various industry charts as the years progressed. Great-West Life is a worldwide company that has its headquarters in Canada. In 2014, Great-West Life declared premium income on life insurances in Canada that arrived at 2.7 billion dollars. The number is greater than what all other insurance companies in Canada have figured out how to achieve.

You may be asking why Great-West Life insurances are so well known.

Great-West is profoundly serious in the expert market and the company has built up a huge range of disability products. With regards to life insurances, there are term, Permanent, participating and universal options. The company utilizes profoundly experienced financial security counselors that give customers recommendations about the choice of some policy and about long term asset management.


Manulife is among the biggest providers of financial services on the planet. Their solutions incorporate insurance, wealth management, asset management and financial advice in a scope of viewpoints. Their life insurance company practice has a huge portfolio.

It’s additionally intriguing to call attention to that in 2015, Manulife gained The Standard Life Assurance Company of Canada. The move empowered the company to get to various extra clients and increment its organization all through the country.

Up until this point, they have furnished advantages to innumerable clients with an absolute worth of over CAD 25 billion during the year. With an obsession for consumer satisfaction and planning for an impressive future, the organization consistently wanders into new regions to give answers for their clients in each conceivable way.

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Sun Life Financial is one of the most trusted names in the Canadian life insurance market, and it is additionally an extremely successful life insurance company. With a total asset figure of CAD 271.83 billion, it is presently serving an unimaginably large consumer base.

The company offers a scope of life insurance alternatives, including term life insurance, permanent life insurance, participating life insurance and universal life insurance. The company has a history of 150 years, during which time they have figured out how to make a reliable station for a huge number of clients, giving them all their preferred tools to make the policy of their choice and encouraging families at the time of death of policyholders.


Industrial Alliance Insurance and Financial Services has been on the Canadian market since 1892. Today, it has a full-scope of life and medical insurance products that appeal to a major number of Canadians. The Canadian life insurance premium income that the company created in 2014 arrived at 940 million dollars.

The company gives three distinct types of life insurance items to its clients, which incorporate term life insurance, permanent life insurance and universal life insurance.

The company has one other captivating element – a life insurance product that is accessible without a medical exam. The product is particularly suitable for the people that essentially can’t get life insurance as a result of fundamental health issues. Child life and health policy combos are likewise accessible.


Power Financial is another behemoth with a total asset holding of CAD 447.06 billion. The company’s essential business practice is insurance with the addition of reassurance, asset management and different services also contingent upon the region.

The company holds the honor of being pronounced the best supplier for life insurance in different regions, including foreign terrains like the UK and Ireland. The company works with prudent strategic policies and believes in solid quality upkeep and executive oversight. The organization has a sound financial standing in the market and is opted for  life insurance by a large number of clients to suit their particular needs.

Now let’s see top companies for property insurance


Allstate insurance is one of the biggest property insurance organizations.

In the event that you like the individual touch, Allstate home insurance could be for you. Their policies are sold through company agents, with retail facades over the 5 regions where they work together. It’s easy to stroll in and speak to an agent, or in the event that you like, you can get a snappy statement on the web and have an agent reach you to follow up. Similarly as with most insurance companies, they additionally have a corporate customer care center and a daily claims hotline.


Aviva professes to insure more than 860,000 homes in Canada, so you realize they’re encountered and trusted.

They offer extensive coverages in addition to individual liability, with 7 discretionary additional products for things like water protection and service lines.

Checkout their site for more data.


Belairdirect offers extensive coverage for mortgage holders, condo owners, and even occupants. You can be insured for fire, blasts, smoke, defacement, and many more.

Get more information here.



CAA individuals will get standard coverage for fire, smoke, burglary, and more – in addition to the option to cover home equipment breakdown, service line coverage, and even CAA tire coverage (on the off chance that you pack with accident insurance).

More Info here


Desjardin’s all-risk home insurance will shield you from a far reaching set of dangers – in addition to remembers personal liability for the blend to finish it off.

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